Second Annual International Festival

We have country booths available for free on a first come, first served basis.  So far, we have five countries registered.  The countries are the USA, Jordan, Mexico, Turkey and the Caribbean islands.  If you are interested in hosting a country booth, please contact Feda Abushear at [email protected] or at  832-875-1954.  The registration deadline is January 15, 2014.

Additionally, we have a few corporate or business booths available for rental. The booth rental is $50.  If you are interested in renting a booth for your business, please contact Feda Abushear also.

The PTO will be sponsoring a silent auction as part of the International Festival.  Each DEAR period will select a theme for their class basket.  The basket that has the highest auction price will earn that DEAR period a free after-school pizza party!  All students who contribute $5 to the class basket will also receive a free dress day.  In order to make this a successful event, please send $5 with your student to their DEAR period beginning Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

We are also looking for parent and student volunteers to make this event a big success.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me at [email protected].

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